OurTimeIsNOW: New Learning Innovation Festival to inspire positive change in education worldwide

November’s [RE]LEARN – The Learning Innovation Festival is calling for educators, influencers, learning innovators, education and change leaders to join the online event to explore key learnings and insight across the education sector

Educators from across the globe are being invited to a two week-long festival which aims to develop methods to bring about a global shift in education. [RE]LEARN – The Learning Innovation Festival, founded by Learnlife, will take place virtually from 9-20 November 2020 across all time zones and will explore inspiring and actionable strategies that make the learning paradigm shift possible.

The theme for the Learning Innovation Festival will be “#OurTimeIsNOW – co-designing and implementing a new Learning Paradigm” and will bring together educators, influencers, learning innovators, education and change leaders to connect and empower them to explore how change can be initiated from the ground level, positively impacting learning communities from all areas of the world.

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted education systems on a global scale and has accelerated the unique opportunity to unleash new and modern ways of learning that equip learners with the meaningful skills they need to thrive in today’s world. Now is the time to unite all learning innovation stakeholders to drive this change, rather than simply waiting for it to happen.

The Learning Innovation Festival will host over 270 expert sessions, numerous networking opportunities and more than 90 workshops covering a wide range of topics from leading change, creativity and remote learning to entrepreneurship, equity and wellbeing. Alongside a Learning Innovation Hackathon designed to create transformational tools for learning institutions, the festival will promote real life challenges for young people, organized by Adobe and Autodesk.

More than 200 speakers from over 40 countries have already been confirmed for the event, including:

Esther Wojcicki, Founder of Moonshots for Education and of Palo Alto High Media Arts Program, Godmother of Silicon Valley

Lord Michael Hastings, Chancellor of Regents University London, Life Peerage to The House of Lords, Professor of Leadership at Stephen R. Covey Institute & Trustee for Africa Philanthropy Foundation

Richard Wurman, Architect and Information Architect, Founder of TED Conferences

Margret Rasfeld, Founder of Schule im Aufbruch, Learning Innovator and Principal of ESBZ

Eduard Vallory, Founder and Director of Escola Nova 21, Social Analyst and Change Manager

Jaz Ampaw-Farr, CEO of Human First Ed, Thought Leader on Chaos Navigation, Resilience Ninja and Change Agent

Christopher Pommerening, founder and chief empowerment officer at Learnlife, said:

“Students are currently being prepared for a world that doesn’t exist anymore. The pandemic has disrupted education systems everywhere. Now is the time to unleash a new lifelong learning paradigm for everyone. [RE]LEARN is the online festival where actionable learning innovation is shared and grown among movers and shakers that are positively changing education worldwide.

Imagine the World Economic Forum combined with the Mobile World Congress with the focus on learning innovation – decentralised and happening across all countries at the same time, with a clear call to action: less talking and more hands-on implementation sessions and workshops.”

Those wishing to attend or for more information about the online event, please visit: https://relearnfestival.com