Where We Stand!

244 years ago we started as a new country, filled with hopes, dreams and freedom, today we ask what happened?

Political parties fight with each other, a virus from a foreign land invades our country, protests and riots breakout, all with a different agenda and/or belief. We watch our fellow citizens fight with one another, blame and point fingers at each other, looking for answers that seem to elude all of us.

Our country is broken, our people are at war with their government, their neighbors, family and friends. So many people looking for a place to belong, something bigger to be a part of. Searching for some meaning, purpose or change to experience. Right or Left, Capitalism or Socialism, Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?

We are all Americans, one land, one state, one city and one home. Bad Cops, Bad Politicians, Bad Policies and sad deaths of Americans witnessed everyday! Is this REALLY who we are?

My fellow Americans, if you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, then let your goal be the following: Reach down with your hand and pull up another person, a black person, a white person, republican or democrat, rich or poor, these labels are erelevant, pull up another AMERICAN!

Love yourself first, then share it with another human being, we all must be part of the solution NOT the problem, we all must take the responsibly of creating a Country, State and City we want to live in. Let’s be honest, no one really wants to leave the USA, but we all want things to change – will YOU step up or wait for others?

Will we care when others get sick because of our actions, some will not until the contribution that sick person made to our country is no longer here. When we face the loss of their life, gifts and service, we once enjoyed because of their contribution!

We need so many things in our life, phones, internet, airplanes, hotels, cars, good food and homes to live in – BUT all those things are made by PEOPLE, people that some do not care enough to help, protect or even be concerned about their health, in doing so, THEY will suffer from their actions and blame others for their loss.

Like a Dot 2 Dot picture we all made as kids, we are connected, a line runs through all of us and we form a clear picture for the world to see. Removing one Dot, turns that picture into something unrecognizable and that is where our country stands today!

The picture of Hope, Dreams and Freedom is broken, it is missing so many Dots, we no longer recognize it! We must reconnect with one another, draw a line through another person’s life, become part of who they are, what they need, show them value as an important Dot and help them with THEIR line!

Without connection, we are unpleasant to look at, we feel incomplete, we search for that acceptance, approval and belonging, all the while not seeing the lines nor the dots. All the dots in our world are equal in size, no smaller or larger, each has an enormous roll in that picture, the time to reconnect is NOW!

As I close this message, I say to all of my fellow Americans, see other people the way you want to be seen, treat others the way you want to be treated! I know that some don’t care how they are seen by others nor do they care how they are treated. This is their mindset, one of selfishness, Me mentality & Me first, them later.

This mindset leaves you as One Dot in the middle of a blank piece of paper, lonely, vulnerable and unpleasant to look at. Without others, we have nothing but our island, our voice, our thoughts and our volleyball to talk to. Join the picture, be part of the whole, be part of someone’s life and add your dot to the painting of world peace, love and unity.

America – Is still for, of and by the people, we have a Republic, if we can keep it, as Benjamin Franklin warned us. Reach out today, ask one person how you can help them with something they need, ask for nothing, run your line through their life. Help others with their Dot, encourage rather than insight, smile rather than frown and see what dots are needed to make your picture of the world more beautiful!

Today allow my words to help you with what you need, let me bring you up, stand and fight with you side by side. I am your fellow American, nothing more and nothing less.

Share your line with me as I share mine with you, let’s help others get connected and see the masterpiece “We the People” have created!

“This too shall past and we will remain standing!”