The ‘Light Bulb’ Moment

Most teachers will tell you that there is nothing more exciting than seeing the “light bulb moment,” when, suddenly, everything clicks, and a student understands a new concept. And most parents will tell you that seeing their children develop a “spark of inspiration” about a new subject, topic, or interest can be incredibly heartwarming and encouraging. The idea of school choice combines the need for more “light bulb moments” and “sparks of inspiration” in our country.

Simply put, we must give students the opportunity to attend schools that meet their learning styles and encourage their interests at the same time, making them more likely to be successful in school and in life.

We must recognize that every child is unique, and that a one-size-fits-all approach of education system doesn’t properly serve students of all stripes, from all backgrounds, with every type of need, passion, and skill set. One student might thrive in a traditional public school while another student might find her passion at a magnet school, a charter school, a private or parochial school, a virtual school or through homeschooling. School choice doesn’t mean elevating one school, sector, or program above another. Instead, it is about matching students with learning environments that meet their individual needs – and about providing the highest-quality education to the next generation.

If you are searching for a new or different school for your child – so that you can see more of those “light bulb moments” and “sparks of inspiration” in your household – January is the time to start your school search. Many school and scholarship applications will be due soon, so it’s a great opportunity to attend school open houses and fairs and find out what school is best for your child.