Robust routines skyrockets your performance

In this Modern Era, children & even adults have become more prone to diseases as they have transformed their lives in such a manner that they don’t get enough time to concern about their health. Therefore, it has became an urgency to develop some healthy habits in our day to day lives which would not only improve the quality of our life but would also increase our productivity both in our personal as well as professional aspects.

It is a quality of a prudent person to implement minor changes in his lifestyle which would leave a great impact on his life. However, there could be number of reasons as to why an individual fails to implement & stick to a healthy routine. It is extremely imperative to make a plan, follow it religiously and to analyze the progress.

A handful of steps can be followed to make such habits stay in our lives:

Step 1 – Determining the goal

First step to a Healthy lifestyle is to determine a goal & to stay focused. It is important to note that while working towards the goal, their may be several factors that may distract us from achieving it but it is our consistency that would push us towards it. At the same time, our goal should be such towards which we don’t need to put much efforts to. Take an example, if a person doesn’t aspire to become a Doctor but still due to his family pressure he chooses medical field, in such situation chances are that he would fail eventually as he doesn’t desire to be one. Hence, there should be effortless effort.

Step 2 – Analyzing the progress

The task is not accomplished just by determining the goal. It is very important to check the progress in frequent intervals so that we can make the necessary alterations in the process. It is likewise significant to appreciate ourselves for being committed to our goal & making positive changes in our lives.

Step 3 – Taking breaks

While working to achieve our goal, it is crucial to take breaks. In the process, our brain sometimes gets really tired with the number of tasks that we tend to perform that our productivity declines. Furthermore, it becomes important to take some time out in order to recharge ourselves to perform even better.

5 tips to boost productivity

1. Prioritize Health – Prioritizing health is vital in improving the lifestyle. Sometimes, we may suffer from any kind of deficiency or some health issue that makes us feel demotivated. Having good health is required to stay positive & energetic as with ageing our body reduces the efficiency of it’s functioning.

2. Physical activity & meditation – One should make exercising or any form of physical activity a part of their daily regime. This would keep their body moving and increase their productivity. Meditation, on the other hand is a great technique to stay calm & helps to distress.

3. Socialize – Socializing plays an important role in improving the efficiency at workplace. Forming social groups fulfills the social needs of an individual and hence, he works with great zeal.

4. Get enough sleep – We all tend to avoid this point. Lack of sleep leads to lack of concentration. An individual shall take at least 8 hours of sleep a day to be super-productive.

5. Read – Reading helps to make us calm and stress free. It also helps us to develop ideas and think out of the box. Reading can be done anywhere while standing in a long queue or during the commute.