Propel Your Career With Knowledge of Japanese Language

Have you always wanted to develop a deep understanding of a country other than yours? If yes, you now have the chance to know about the far Eastern island nation of the world, Japan, through its main language. In fact, the Japanese language is truly the window into the soul of Japan.

Know about Japanese letters

When you enroll in Japanese language classes, you will first be taught about Japanese letters and their pronunciations. This knowledge will help to unlock the rest of the language for you. Here’s a truth that you may find hard to believe- the Japanese alphabet has fewer letters than in English! In total, 46 basic characters are present in this language. Japanese does not have any sounds which are new for English speakers, whereas English has many sounds that do not exist in Japanese. Unlike English, the way you read Japanese characters is exactly the way you say it, without an exception.

There are two main alphabets in the Japanese language- katakana (angular) and hiragana (curvy, like the English cursive). The alphabets are collectively known as kana, and there is also a third writing system called kanji, which isn’t actually an alphabet. Instead, it is representative of complete words. All three writing systems can be included in the same sentence.

How will the Japanese language help?

More than just travelling to Japan, there are many other benefits of Japanese, such as:

1. Japan has always been a leader in the tech industry, and continues to be. Get an easy entry into this industry by learning the language.

2. It is helpful for those who wish to be a part of research or international business

3. Although the Japanese can speak English, they feel more comfortable in their local language. If you want to build close relationships in the land of the rising sun, this is the way to go.

4. Learning Japanese also make it easier to learn other Asian languages such as Chinese and Korean

5. You can enjoy loads of original anime content by knowing Japanese

Availability of online courses

The world has gone digital over the past decade or more, and this has led to the proliferation of Japanese online courses. A number of companies offer Japanese courses, but you must conduct through research to find one with a certain degree of reputation. The best schools will provide you with the necessary motivation in order to learn such a language.

Fostering friendships

When you enroll for studies at a Japanese school, whether online or offline, you will be able to make friends with people from all over the globe. This will help you in making life long relationships that you made during school, or over the graduation period. This is just the added benefit of taking up such a course and not the main reason for doing so.

Languages help to expand the brain’s emotional side

The desire to understand something that is completely new is instrumental to help you deal with setbacks and not get perturbed by life’s volatility. For many individuals, learning a new language like Japanese helps in developing better focus. If the classes are stemmed by a passion for the same language, you are bound to expand your brain and thereby gain greater emotional strength.

It is the quest to understand and learn something new which is actively used by authors and career coaches to build resilience. In other words, the best way to deal with change is to experience it from within first.

Preparation for Japanese investments

Imagine major investments by Japanese tech firms in India. If true, this will certainly create a condition where many individuals will have to be trained in the language. The same holds true in the case where a company’s parent office is located in Japan.

The world over, individuals have been hit by a shortage of jobs over the past year. There are many individuals with the necessary skills but not the placements. Several engineering graduates are looking to find jobs in Japan these days. Ever since Japan opened its doors for a migrant workforce and a shortfall in the country’s labor force has been predicted, things have been looking up for migrants. All they need to do is pass a basic language proficiency test. Getting trained on Japanese also means being trained on modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

Indians can pick up the language easily

Native Japanese language speakers have found Indians on the whole to be quick learners of the language. A few basic qualities that all Indians will be able to imbibe from Japanese culture are saying sorry, saying thank you, and being punctual.

There are a variety of reasons for appreciating a new country such as Japan. Every time you try to dig out more information, you will find out that there still is a lot more. Gain access to this knowledge and a new way of life through Japanese.