Course vs College

With passing out of school arrives a series of tension in a student’s life which leaves them confused about what course to opt for and from which college. This is the time when you enter a new phase of your life which is graduation.

Sometimes students end up getting disappointed as they fail to get course and college of their choice. Well, thanks to the increasing competition.

I believe that getting a course of your choice in a mediocre college is a smart option to go for rather than opting for a course you are not interested in simply because you’re getting it in a recognized college.

Indeed, the infrastructure and other facilities of the good college would make you happy but not satisfied. If you opt for a course in which you don’t have any keen interest, then the chances are you would not be able to perform well in it and end up getting fewer opportunities in the future. On the contrary, by pursuing a course of your choice from and average college your market value in future would increase eventually.

If you had decided from the time you were in school to opt for Bcom Hons then it is a foolish act to go for BA which you’re getting in a good college. It would mean comprising with your career and life.

After passing the school and before entering into college, I would suggest you to do certain crucial things:-

Identify your long term goals-

This is a major step in which you need to actually sit down and think what you actually have an interest in. Research about the course which you desire for and the job role & pay scale as well. This would give you a clarity about the scope of that particular course.

Research about the colleges and placements-

Another major thing to do is to do research about the different colleges and the placements offered by them. Everyone has a desired college in which they want to get admission but as the future is uncertain, you should always keep options.

To conclude, I would say that one should always give preference to the course over college as a good college gives you short time pleasure whereas good course gives you lifetime satisfaction and happiness.