Why your Present Reading Habits will never help you to read faster

If you are a regular reader then following habits are a part of your reading activity

1- Reading slowly (because you think the slower the better)

2- Speaking all the words while reading (because that helps you to remember them)

3- Focusing on one word at a time (because you think it’s not possible to read more than one word at a time)

Let’s first examine why these habits were created in the first place. They were created because they are the best way to read and learn. Yes agreed, but it’s the partial truth.

Your present reading habits are the best way to read and learn a language. Yes, it’s just good for learning language and you had to do it in childhood because you not only had to learn your reading material but also had to get command over the English language.

But now, it’s been years that you have got a command over English Language and these habits are not required now.

It’s time to leave those habits because the reading habits which made you learn the language won’t help you to read faster.

As Marshall Goldsmith says–“what got you here will not get you there.” So all these habits helped you to learn the English language (you will have to do them again while learning any new language) but now to go to the stage of reading faster you will have to get new habits.

A brief about our new habits

1- Average reading speed is 150-250 words per minute but our brain is easily comfortable reading near 400-500 words with better comprehension. So avoid the mindset that reading slowly will improve comprehension

2- Stop vocalizing (lip movement, speaking loudly) at each and every word. Do it only on the lines which you feel are important to learn (Do that only after you have understood the concept).

3- Your eyes can easily focus on more than one word at a time and understand it. This requires time but you should easily start getting it within 7 days of regular practice.