Inspire Management Training Center

“Bringing a new dimension and dynamism in the impartation and acquisition of knowledge and wisdom”

Inception story

Founded in 2018, Inspire Management Training Centre is regarded as one of the best training centers in Qatar. After overcoming the numerous obstacles that hindered its path, the institute stands out as a star, mentoring and guiding individuals towards a brighter future.

The center operates under the supreme supervision and leadership of Ms. Minal Saluja. With over 18 years of experience in a dynamic and cosmopolitan field, her expertise in effectively dealing with people from various cultures and backgrounds does not remain concealed. Her wit and charisma certainly adds to her personality. She strongly feels that “being a person who understands the various forms of diversity, makes an individual more understanding and approachable.” Such a person can run a company well.

Achievements, awards and recognitions

During the lockdown period, the institute has extended its boundaries to a global scale by launching its own LMS. Concerning the pandemic, the institute has adapted to the “New Normal” by resorting to virtual platforms as means of communication and teaching. Thus, the institution has set up an example for the other training institutes in Qatar.

It’s a worthwhile investment that enabled their brand to evolve and grow, it reflects how they have expanded and changed for the better. It also brings out a multitude of engaging opportunities for the students and the faculty members.

Academics and courses offered

Inspire Management Training Centre offers training and courses in a diverse variety of subjects including Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Human Resources Management, Corporate Leadership Development, Soft Skills. Courses are also available in Project Management, Disaster Management & Resilience, Cargo & Dangerous Goods, Health & Safety, Accounts and Finance.

All of these courses are designed and curated to serve the best interest of the learners. Apart from theoretical learning, the institute seeks to provide practical experience to the learners as well. This is done through various events, competitions and modules.

Uniqueness and Individuality

When one honestly believes that he/she can create and accomplish what they envision, when one is not afeared by the obstacles that he/she may encounter, the confidence that they possess will automatically stimulate them to stand out from the rest.

Having said that, the fact that they have digitised all their training and learning procedures launched their very own products, ilearn (LMS) and iWaves (ERP system), their Airbus 320 Cabin Services Training Device which is set up within their facility and the infrastructure of the institute itself makes them stand out and maintain their individuality.

A significant and meritorious quality that the institute possesses is that they put a tremendous amount of effort into their sales process. Building their sales process and sales team is something that they have consistently and constantly tweaking and revamping about since it is an integral factor that remarkably contributes to the growth of the company.

Cultural Diversity

The institute is extremely welcoming and hospitable to learners from different parts of the world. They offer a complete package of visas, tickets, accommodation and transportation to aspiring candidates from all over the globe.

The institute undertakes various efforts to maintain cultural diversity by practising effective communication in a multi-cultural and dynamic environment. By keeping an open mind, acquiring and imparting relevant knowledge about cultural and social differences, practising active listening (getting used to different accents) and watching the nonverbal communication as well as voice tones, this academy opens its door to a culturally diverse group of learners and faculty members to its multiple courses. Kindness and empathy are much appreciated while maintaining cultural diversity.


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems all over the world, and Inspire Management Training Centre was no exception.

With hardly any warning, schools and universities had to discontinue classes and switch from familiar face-to-face teaching to the alien screen-to-screen format of learning.

Naturally, they were compelled to shift their base to virtual education and so far, they have been successful in this transition. The institute has incorporated a lot of thought and time into designing the online sessions. They have worked tremendously to compensate for the absence of normal classes by making use of modules and presentations to help learners understand and comprehend more effectively and efficiently.

As far as the learners and faculty members were concerned, they received immense patience and cooperation from them. They were supportive as this was the only way to learn. They believe that their clients were better at learning when offered the comforts of their own homes.