Brian Tracy : a Canadian-American motivational public speaker

Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American motivational public speaker, coach, blogger and self-development author. He is magnificent when it comes to any of these arenas. Let us know him in all his areas of expertise.

Brian as a speaker

Brian as a speaker has given more than 5000 talks and seminars and has worked with more than 1000 companies worldwide. Brian’s talks are fast moving, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. Brian has a wonderful ability to customize each talk for his particular audience. He presents a series of great ideas and strategies with a rare combination of fact, humour, insights and practical concepts that audience members can apply immediately to get better results.


  • HIGH PERFORMANCE SELLING – Brian shows salespeople how to sell more, faster and easier than ever before, against higher-priced competition. He gives them a series of practical, proven techniques they can use to get more appointments and make more sales. They learn how to get motivated and stay motivated day after day. Brian has personally trained more than 500,000 sales professionals with these ideas.
  • PERFORMING AT YOUR BEST – Learn how to get motivated and stay motivated with a fast-moving series of methods, ideas and techniques each person can apply in every area of life and work. Learn the keys to personal effectiveness, maximum achievement and unlimited success in your field. Brian’s program on the Psychology of Achievement has sold more than 1,000,000 copies in 20 languages worldwide. This talk contains the best ideas for success ever discovered.
  • DOUBLING YOUR PRODUCTIVITY, ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS-Learn how to master your time with a series of practical, proven ideas that work for everyone! Set goals and priorities, focus and concentrate, eliminate procrastination, get going on your key tasks and are more done in less time than ever before. This program has been given to more than 300,000 business people already. Brian’s program, how to Master Your Time is the best-selling time management program in the world.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP-Brian gives managers a series of proven strategies they can use immediately to get better results in every area of their businesses. They learn how to think strategically, manage time more efficiently, select the right people, communicate effectively and build peak performing teams; highly informative, loaded with content and both funny and motivational. Brian has given this program in hundreds of companies worldwide.

Blogger Brian

Brian as a blogger blogs about on goal setting, measuring success, how well to adapt to challenges, how much time we spend doing what you love , how people you respect would describe you, how much progress you have made. Brain in his blogs writes about topics, which can be connected by each one. His blogs motivates and inspires people. They act as driving force, ask readers to ponder and act.

Mr Tracy as an author

Brian has written multiple books. The names of books are , Eat your frog , The power of Self – Discipline, The Psychology of Selling, The Art of Closing the sale, Speak to win , Time management, Find your balance point , Change your thinking change your life , The Ultimate Success Guide and the list is very long. As an author, Brian brings all about a topic on pages, well capturing the essence truly. Brian even guides people who have keen interest in becoming author. He advices them by stating that Getting started is the hardest part for many potential authors. When you have never published a book, it can be difficult to know what the first step should be. Here are some tips to help you get your career as an author moving given by Mr. Tracy.

Although you do not necessarily need a formal education to become an author, you do need to have certain skills in order to be successful. Before you attempt to write or publish your first book, you need to make sure these skills are in place. To build these skills, you may choose to enrol in a formal training program, like my How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author program, or simply practice on your own.

One of the best things you can do to learn about becoming an author and to help yourself as you get started is to get to know other people who are already working in the field.Get involved in a community of authors locally and/or online. Not only can these individuals provide you with support, but they can also give you guidance and advice as you work toward publishing your first book. PUBLISH SHORTER WORKS
Before attempting to publish your first book, it is a good idea to practice your craft with some shorter works, such as short stories or newspaper articles. If possible, try to have these writings published. If you are able to convince publishers to work with you on smaller projects, you can be reasonably sure that you have the resources and skills to publish a book eventually.
We hope that these tips reach the apt readers and aspiring authors.

Brian as a Coach

Brian as a coach trains on personality development, Sales training, Business Training, Time Management, Leadership training, book writing and Public Speaking. In personality development training he trains on seven keys to a positive personality, how start day right, how to write down your goals and what you focus on grows. He guides in creating your personal development plan, which focus on clarifying your values, creating a mission statement and determining the area of excellence. Brian has some popular personal development courses and programs, which helps in achieving personal development goals. Similarly, in sales training Mr. Tracy trains how to sell successfully by spending more time with better prospects by prioritizing and preventing wasting time on unqualified prospects. Brain as a coach is extraordinary who provides the best trainings. Can we see that we look up to Brian? He indeed inspires us .